Sunday, April 21, 2013


I'm in a bad mood. Therefore read the following whiny post at your own peril. This is one of those crappy days someone needs to do a "RESTART" to.

It's the WRONG time of the month. Let's just start with that.

Winter is baaaaaack. And it's DARK and COLD and WET outside. I wondered if I was in Seattle when I woke up this morning and DH wondered if he was in Manchester (the UK version of Seattle).

It's Sunday (start of the work week). Ugh.

I'm tired.

My sprained ankle still hurts.

I got to work today and the computers were down for the first 2 hours of the day. It's like being without air.

Some "outside people" are here at work today to review the filing for one of the studies I'm responsible for. I have a feeling it's not going well and I dread to hear what the findings are.

On the bright side....

A funny from DD8:
One night last week DH had gone out to pick up DD16 from a friend's house. I was getting the little ones in bed in the meantime. 
DD8: "I hear Abba and T coming."
Me: "You do?"
DD8: "Yes. I have ears like an elephant. I can hear a fly fart in Africa." <giggle>

WHERE does she get her material from??

This week is "New Apartment Key Week"!!!!!!!!!!! Our sellers are moving out on Weds. so we should get the key to our new apartment on Thurs. or Fri. Hurrah! Then we are going to have to get in there and make some renovation decisions FAST. We have one month to go before we move in.

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  1. That cold dreary week was awful. On that Shabbat, our electricity flopped out and we stayed the whole day in the cold and dark with no way to heat our food (no goyim here to turn the switch back on, LOL)